K-FLEX K420 Polychloroprene Adhesive

A one Component Polychloroprene strong quick-setting solvent based adhesive

with good resistance to high temperatures, suitable for binding rubber and IN CLAD polymeric sheet overlaps:


Medium viscous, yellow to coloured 

Viscosity 400 ± 50 mPa·s at23C
Density 0.85 g/cm³ at 23°C
Drying time 5 - 10 minutes
Open time at 23°C 10 - 20 minutes
Temperature resistance From -40 to +105°C
Application temperature From +5 to +30°C (*)
Application quantity Approx. 150 g/m2 on both surfaces
Storage Shelf life of 12 months, stored at 20°C
(*) Application temperature affects product viscosity and drying time. High humidity conditions affect binding strength. Temperatures below dew point are to be avoided. During application adhesives are to be maintained at temperatures between 15°C and 25°C.

L’ISOLANTE K-FLEX reserves the right to change data and technical requirements without notice.

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