K-FLEX IN CLAD Jacketing

Polymeric Outer Layer Jacketing

K-FLEX IN CLAD is a jacketing system specifically designed for particularly aggressive environments such as offshore platforms, oil rigs and petrochemical plants exposed to sun, seawater and general situations where a material with superior performance is required.


K-FLEX IN CLAD consists of a special CPE/PVC based flexible polymeric protective cladding thermoformable and thermosealable suitable to protect thermal insulation material (MMF, PU, Cellular glass, FEF, etc.).

It provides salt resistance, UV protection, high water vapor permeability resistance, weather protection and impact resistance. It is easy to install and combines constant performance with low maintenance requirements. All these characteristics make it an ideal product for industrial applications.

K-FLEX IN CLAD is dust free and fiber free, with high flame retardancy and low heat transfer, CFC and HCFC free with Ozone Depletion Potential of Zero. K-FLEX IN CLAD is free of any dangerous substance listed under the directive 1907/2006/EC (REACH, including SVHC list), 67/548/EC, 76/769/EC, 2002/95/EC (RoHS). These characteristics make it easy to comply with Health, Safety and Environmental requirements.

K-FLEX IN CLAD has many approvals and supervisions like CE Marine Mark approved (MED, module B, D), Type approval by American Bureau of Shipping, Type approved by Det Norske Veritas, Type approved by Lloyd’s Register, Type approved by Bureau Veritas.

The product is compliant to the requirements of Norsok standard R-004 ed 3 (par. 5.9 non metallic jacketing).



Flexible polymeric barrier  

Standard color

Grey and Black

Thickness 1.2±0.2 mm  
MAX Surface Temperature 80°C (176°F)  
MIN Surface Temperature -20°C (-4°F)

Brittleness temperature of standard product.
Modifications may be applied under request
to reduce brittleness temperature down to -30°C

MAX application temperature, (IN CLAD System) 105°C (221°F) IN CLAD with K-FLEX ST
120°C (248°F)

IN CLAD with K-FLEX ECO (Short time)

MIN application temperature (for IN CLAD System) -200°C (-328°F) IN CLAD SYSTEM with K-FLEX ST tested at -163°C (-260°F) and approved with a statement of feasibility by DNV

Water Vapour Permeability Moisture 
Resistance Factor (covering)

µ > 90.000 EN12086
Density 1700 kg/m3 (+/- 10%)  
Tensile Strength >=6,9 Mpa

ISO 37
Typical value: 7.5 Mpa

Elongation to break >100%

ISO 37
Typical values: Elongation at 70%,
elongation to break 300%

Peel adhesion (overlap) >50 Kpa  ISO 2411
Shear strength (overlap) >20 N/25mm  ISO 34-1
Hardness >=80 Sha ISO 7619, ASTM D2240
UV/Aging Resistance

No pitting, no cracking, no blistering.

ASTM G 7-97, 2 years of exposure in New River, Arizona (USA).

Elongation to break and modulus conform to specification.

ISO 4982, 360h, 72MJ.

Salt Spray resistance

No color shade, no scaling, no blistering.

ISO 3768 / ASTM B 117-73, 480 hours.
Elongation to break conform to specification.
Ozone resistance

No oxidation.
Tensile strength variation <10%

ASTM D1171 72h 50ppmh 20%.
Resistance to oil Elongation to break and modulus conform to specification, tensile strength variation <10% ISO 1817; 72h immersion in oil IRM 903.
Impact resistance 1 Kg, 20mm, 600mm EN12691
Health aspects Dust and fiber free  
Fire propagation and Spread of flame Pass

BS 476 pt 6/7
EN 13501 CLASS B,s2,d0

Spread of flame Pass NF 92501
Fire propagation Pass BS 476 pt 6
Fire requirements for shipbuilding Pass IMO 61/67 part 2&5
Approvals and Supervisions

CE Marine Mark approved (MED, module B, D)
Type approval by American Bureau of Shipping
Type approved by Det Norske Veritas
Type approved by Lloyd’s Register  

 Other properties:

The product is compliant to the requirements of Norsok standard R-004 ed 3
(par. 5.9 non metallic jacketing)
Fixing: neoprenic glue (K-FLEX K414, K-FLEX K420)
Sealing: SMP sealant (Bostik Findley / Simson ISR 70-03 / Simson ISR 70-05 or K-FLEX K-Mastic 55) 

L’ISOLANTE K-FLEX reserves the right to change data and technical requirements without notice.

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