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On the back of severe technical requirements for industrial equipment, K-FLEX specialists developed a special K-FLEX INDUSTRIAL line of products for industrial application.

Advantages of the INDUSTRIAL line of products:

  • improved thermal performance;
  • reduced flammability;
  • compliance with hygienic requirements;
  • high performance characteristics.

At the moment the INDUSTRIAL line includes:

  • K-FLEX ENERGO and K-FLEX ENERGO PLUS thermal insulation materials;
  • K-FLEX ULTRA and K-FLEX PREMIUM special covering;
  • K-FLEX JACKET quick-detachable casing for valves and equipment;
  • K-FLEX ENERGO mounting accessories.

Application of special K-FLEX INDUSTRIAL materials

extractive industry
Transmission, process pipelines and heating supply  
Tanks and vessels, gas distribution plants    
chemical industry
Process pipelines and heating supply

Processing equipment and tanks  
Air separation plants    
processing industry
Process pipelines and heating supply  
Air separation plants    
food industry
Industrial chilling systems (cooling chambers)
Process pipelines and heating supply
Tanks and vessels
water treatment plant
Process pipelines and heating supply
thermal engineering
Main pipelines
Accumulator boxes    
Process pipelines and equipment

> K-FLEX ENERGO is a special industrial material designed for thermal insulation of pipelines and equipment at oil and gas recovery and transportation facilities, in the power, chemical, petrochemical sectors, which is also used as thermal insulation in heavy engineering systems, at extractive and enriching enterprises.
K-FLEX ENERGO is a foam synthetic elastomer with closed pores. The base of the material is butadiene-acrylo-nitric rubber containing heterogeneous antipyrene molecules and other improvers.
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> K-FLEX ENERGO PLUS is an improved thermal insulation material for oil and gas production and distribution industrial facilities operating under all climatic conditions including regions of the Extreme North. Its application also spreads on thermal insulation of high-temperature pipelines, main thermal power systems, thermal equipment at boiler houses, thermal power plants, nuclear power plants, refrigerating and cryogenic equipment, at thermal power, chemical, and petrochemical facilities. 

K-FLEX ENERGO PLUS is a special foam elastomer with the closed pore structure. It is based on UV-resistant synthetic rubber enriched with additions which improve the thermal and wear resistance of the material. 
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> K-FLEX ENERGO PREMIUM is a special top coat for K-FLEX INDUSTRIAL thermal products which is resistant to ultraviolet, is characterized by high reflective power suitable for high-quality sanitation if required. This unique solution is used as a covering layer for any technological thermal insulation in food processing, pharmaceuticals, and chemical industries. This coating is also ideally suited for outdoors usage, for equipment and pipelines used in heat power industry, metallurgy, machinery manufacturing.
K-FLEX ENERGO PREMIUM is a composite coating which consists of three layers: a polypropylene base adding flexibility and strength to the coating; UV reflecting aluminum foil; a transparent polymeric coating on top to protect the material against chemical and mechanical actions. 
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> K-FLEX ENERGO ULTRA is a coating created specifically for protection of thermal insulation materials against exposure to atmospheric precipitations, aggressive environments, mechanical damages.
K-FLEX ENERGO ULTRA is a fireproof mineralized polymer. The base of the material is a thermoplastic ethylene polymer which restores its structure even at repeated heating and contains nonorganic additives improving its fire safety. 
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