Closed Cells Flexible Elastomeric Foam (FEF)

K-FLEX ECO is a halogen free elastomeric rubber designed for improved environmental safety. This green elastomeric insulation material is formulated and produced without using halogens, PVC, CFC, HCFC.

Thanks to its composition, any fumes given off during a fire are transparent and non-toxic. Shipbuilding & Railways, Refrigeration and Industrial Processes are the typical fields of application.


Maximum service temperature 
Tubes (EN14707) 
Sheets (EN14706) 
Self adhesive pipes


Minimum service temperature  -165°C For industrial applications,
product can be applied down to -198°C;
for applications below -40°C please contact
our technical department

Thermal conductivity [W/(m K)]
(EN ISO 8497 EN 12667)

 -20°C 0°C +20°C +40°C  
0.036 0.038 0.040 0.042
Water absorption (EN 13472) <0.1 %  
Leachable chlorides (EN 13468) <500 ppm  
Ph (EN 13468) Neutral (7±1)  
Reaction to fire (EN13501)  E  Sheets, self adhesive sheets 3 to 50mm, 3mm tapes
 DL - s2, d0    Tubes
Dimensional tolerances as per EN14304      

L’ISOLANTE K-FLEX reserves the right to change data and technical requirements without notice.

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