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Engineering Services

K-FLEX engineering services are here to support all of your projects; designing the thermal and acoustic systems, tailor made to meet the criteria of your specific application. We will provide mock up samples for client assessment or testing, classroom based installation, application and product training with certification of qualifying contractors. We also provide a comprehensive site training, installation and monitoring package to ensure the systems are fitted in accordance to the K-FLEX model.

Design and Specification

K-FLEX have extensive knowledge of the diverse applications found, on a global scale, in the petrochemical industry and are certified by international accreditation bodies such as DNV, Lloyds, GOST, SP, Federal Laws.  K-FLEX will evaluate the application and design an effective and efficient system to suit the project, its performance criteria and the local environmental conditions.

Prototype and Site Trails

mockup k-flexK-FLEX
can provide mock-ups of the finished design specification for evaluation, demonstration and testing. In addition K-Flex has often installed trail areas for direct on-site testing and performance rating, allowing the client to measure the benefits of the ease of installation, flexibility performance of the designed system, in real terms, on any site. We welcome the opportunity to discuss this option.




Site training and
Contractor Supervision

K-FLEX offer, in addition to classroom based training, training and contract supervision on site. Ensuring the workforce employed are conversant with the methods and procedures in the installation of  K-FLEX systems and qualifying their training with the appropriate ‘Approved Installer Certification’. K-FLEX also will provide contract monitoring  from inception to completion, ensuring the project is to finished to the highest standard.


Any Question? contact us!

will respond to any questions. You can send us a message by clicking here 



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