Key issues:

• Prevent condensation;
Minimize heat gain and boil off rate;
• Energy saving;
• Protect personnel.

 Closed Cells Flexible Elastomeric Foam
             Multiple FEF insulation layers.
             K-FLEX SOLAR HT
             K-FLEX ECO  
             K-FLEX LS (USA Only)

 Outer Layer Jacketing
             UV, weather and mechanic protective jacketing.
K-FLEX IN CLAD Jacketing
             K-FLEX IC CLAD Jacketing

provides solution for thermal insulation in industrial application covering a range of temperatures up to 130°C, i.e. industrial process, low pressure steam line ecc. Insulation is made through a multilayer configuration of closed cells FEF materials. Thickness of insulation is defined according to the specific application. The outer protection cladding can be made with IN CLAD or IC CLAD to provide mechanical and weather protection, UV protection and high water vapor permeability resistance.

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