ISAB Project

ISAB Project

Insulation Project description
Country: Italy 
Client: ISAB - Priolo 
Temperature Service: -110°C

The ISAB (LUKOIL refinery) is in the Priolo Gargallo petrochemical complex (SR), which is one of Europe’s largest industrial sites both in terms of size and complexity, with two sites called the “SOUTH Plants” and the “NORTH Plants”, each of which is connected with the other by a system of pipelines.

The two sites are used for different refinery processes with different crude oil mixes. In particular, the SOUTH Plants, essentially using a thermal conversion processes, produce medium distillates, and thanks to the high desulfurization capacity, and can refine medium-heavy crude oils with a high sulphur content.

We have been relaced the original insulation materials (Fenolite) with our cryogenic insulation system, designed with 3 layers of K-FLEX ST Flexible Elastomeric Foam coverd by K-FLEX Gray IN CLAD polimeric jacketing.

We have been installed our material on 3 liquid ethylene lines (Ø 4”, Ø 10” and Ø 12”) 400 m each with a medium temperature of -110 °C.

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