Project description
Country: Qatar 
Client: Al Jaber Qatar 
Temperature Service: -163°C

The thermal and acoustic insulation project for a petrochemical plant at Ras Laffan, carried out on behalf of Al Jaber (an engineering and contracting company in Qatar) was designed to satisfy the following requirements: thermal insulation of the plant (surface temperature of 150°C), acoustic insulation of the DN 2000 tubing and weathering protection of all insulated components. In order to respond effectively to these demands it was decided to use the design which had been planned and tested in accordance with ISO 15665 Class D with a system consisting of: 

- K-FLEX SOLAR HT (EPDM) 25mm thick for contact with hot surfaces
- Two layers of open cell K-FLEX Open Cell 240 Kg/m3, 25mm thick (making a total of 50 mm) as acoustic insulation
- One layer of K-FLEX FONIK GK 3mm thick for soundproofing (weight 4 kg/m2)
- An external coating of K-FLEX IN CLAD (two layers).
The soundproofing material was mechanically fixed to the DN 2000 pipes with steel straps as can be seen in the photographs, so as to effectively secure the heavy system. To complete the work, further thermal and acoustic insulation was carried out on curves, reductions, flanges, valves, supports and expansion joints. The work was carried out under the supervision of our Oil & Gas team using a local workforce that had previously been brought together with two weeks’ training on site provided by K-FLEX.
As a business plan, the project included the sale of:
- Materials as listed above
- Preparation of the final plans using AutoCAD and Solid Works (3D modeling)
- Staff training
- Supervision of construction
- Commissioning (final testing)


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