Kashagan Project

Kashagan Project

Project description
Country: Italy 
Client: AGIP KCO 
Temperature Service: +120°C 

The project scheme of this field provides for the construction of production hubs located on platforms and artificial islands which will collect production from satellite islands from which production wells will be drilled. For the first development phase oil and non-reinjected gas will be treated in the hubs and delivered, through two separate lines, to onshore treatment plants (located at Bolashak, near Atyrau). The oil will be further stabilized and purified. Natural gas will be treated for the removal of hydrogen sulphide and will be mostly used as fuel for the production plants; the remaining amount will be marketed. The first development phase is progressing with the use of the most advanced techniques in order to cope with high pressures in the reservoir, presence of high concentration of hydrogen sulphide and harsh environmental conditions. By the end of October 2010, works had been completed corresponding to 80% of the target. First oil is forecasted for December 2012. With the further phases of development, it is expected a full field production plateau of 1.5 mmbl/d, representing a 25% increase from the original target. In the framework of the evaluation programme of other discoveries made in the contractual area covered by the North Caspian Sea PSA, appraisal wells of the Aktote, Kairan and Kalamkas structures were successfully drilled.
For this project L’ISOLANTE K-FLEX has supplied the following products:
> K-FLEX GLUE K 420 and K 425

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